Vegetables in Space
Bounty Hunters is made up of a consortium of multidisciplinary companies: Pixel Rush Studio, Black Swan Finances, Ingespro, Farus Creative Group, JSBC Studios, representing the managers of each of their companies, areas such as multimedia production, crypto finance, project management, marketing and programming, with a total of 25 passionate collaborators in the construction and development of revolutionary projects. The fundamental pillars that would move our company are talent, passion and generating new investment opportunities, they will constantly observe economic value for our investors.
The Bounty Hunters community deserves to interact with their favorite characters and also earn money while having fun playing. That's why we bring you Bounty Hunters play to win, a video game in which, in addition to having fun, you can win rewards in GEMA tokens and new NFTs. Our Game will be hosted on the fastest blockchain that exists so far, such as Solana, in addition to having the lowest commission blockchains, it is one of the cryptocurrencies that is in the top 10. The creators of NFT are Pixel Rush Studio, a team that has worked on major projects such as the animated series The Revenge of the Vegetables, among others. We have a direct alliance with Black Swan Finances in Spanish and English, which is a financial advisory company based in Canada, which has been active since 2016, with the great experience in the Blockchain world to make it a long-term project.
Provide entertainment platforms to society and this, in turn, economic growth opportunities for its users, innovative projects that ensure the profitability of investors.
Being a leading global company with the ability to provide investment opportunities with exponential growth of the company, with the philosophy of developing projects that go hand in hand with new technologies, activating the economy, generating jobs and constant training programs for all.
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